Rallly is made available in different languages by volunteer translators. Translations can be submitted through Crowdin. Submitting translations is super easy and doesn’t require any coding skills.

Sign Up to Crowdin

The first thing you need to do is create a Crowdin account. Crowdin offers a user-friendly interface to submit translations. You can then join the project using this link: https://crwd.in/rallly

Once you’ve joined the project:

  1. Pick the language you’d like to translate
  2. Select a file (each file contains text for different parts of the site)
  3. Start translating!
Crowdin Project

Tips for Translators

Here are a few things to keep in mind when translating.


Pay close attention to how phrases are punctuated.


If a sentence ends with a period (.) or a colon (:), you will want to include that in your translation.

❌ Nombre
✅ Nombre:


Variables are placeholders for content which can change. They look like this:

Hi {name}, welcome back!

{name} is a variable which will be replaced with the user’s name. Please make sure variables remain unchanged when translating.

❌ Salut {nom}, bienvenue!
✅ Salut {name}, bienvenue!


Tags can be used to create a hyperlink or change the appearance of some text (ex. bold, italics etc…). They look like this:

Go to <a>page</a>

The tags should remain wrapped around the same content and should not be translated. The contents between the tags should be translated (unless they are a variable).

❌ Gehen Sie zur Seite
❌ <a>Gehen Sie zur Seite</a>
❌ Gehen Sie zur <a>page</a>
✅ Gehen Sie zur <a>Seite</a>


We use ICU message format to format our plurals

Plurals are like special rules that help make sure a message is written correctly when you’re using different values.

For example, the following message will display 1 option if count is 1 or 2 options if count is anything else.

{count, plural, one {# option} other {# options}}

Note that # is a placeholder for the value of count.

If your language requires more than one plural form, you can add additional rules.

{count, plural, one {# опция} few {# опции} other {# опций}}
Using ICU Message Format on Corwdin

Crowdin let's you preview your message to make sure it works


For languages that have different registers (informal vs. formal), the general advise is to use an informal register. However, there may be exceptions for certain languages so if you are not sure please reach out.



If you have an questions you can reach out using one of the following methods: