Migration from Rallly v1

The first version of Rallly which was released in 2015 was decommissioned and replaced with a new version on April 8th 2022.
Polls created with the old version are stored in a different database they can still be used in the new version. When you access a poll from the previous version, Rallly will automatically migrate that poll to the new database so that you can continue using it with the new version. If no one attempts to access a poll from the old database, it will not be migrated and will eventually be deleted once that database is decommissioned.
If a poll was created with the old version then it will have a
Because of the way dates were stored in the old version, it is not possible to change them in the new version. So once migrated the dates cannot be edited. It is recommended that you create new a poll and move away from using Legacy polls.
The new version introduced the concept of admin and participant links. These are individual links to access the poll that allow for some control over permissions. The main difference being that using an admin link you can edit the details of the poll like the title and description. In the previous version, a poll was accessible through a single link which was equivalent to the admin link. So when using the original link from the previous version you will be accessing the app with admin permissions. If possible we recommend you ask participants to always use the participant link when possible.