Guides for Administrators
Creating a Meeting Poll


Meeting polls allow participants to vote for their preferred dates so that you can find the best date for your meeting.

Get started

To create a meeting poll, start by going to the New Meeting Poll Page.

1. Enter the meeting details

Enter a meaningful title for your participants to see. You can also add a description to give more context to your poll and a location if desired.

Click Continue to proceed.

2. Choose date options

Use the date picker to select the dates you want to offer your participants. After selecting your dates, you can also add a time range by switching on Specify times.

If you’re logged in you can click Create poll to create the poll.

If you’re not logged in, can click Continue to proceed to the next step.

3. Enter your details (Guests only)

Enter your name and email address. These will only be used to email the link to the meeting poll to you and ensure you won’t lose access to your poll.