Guest sessions

Guest sessions was introduced on 9th May 2022. Participants and comments created before its release are considered "unclaimed" and can be edited by anyone.
When you vote on a poll, you may need to come back later and adjust your votes. Guest sessions allow you to do this without making an account and logging in.
A guest session is created automatically when you vote or comment on a poll. The session data is stored as a cookie in your browser.
A guest user
Guest sessions will remain active until you manually end them or your browser cookies are wiped. Once a guest session ends it cannot be resumed.

Ending a guest session

You can end a guest session by selecting Forget me from the dropdown menu.


  • Since guest sessions are stored in your browser, you will need to use the same browser and the same device to edit your votes/comments.
  • If you end a guest session, it cannot be resumed. The only way to have your votes and comments edited is to ask the administrator of a poll to edit them for you.

Logging in

Logging in while you have an active guest session will automatically assign the votes and comments you've made to an account. Once you do this, you can edit your votes and comments from anywhere by logging in with the same email address.