How do I edit an entry?
You can edit your entry by hovering over your name and clicking on the pencil icon. On mobile by clicking on the "Edit" button.
On desktop

I don't see an option to edit my entry

If you submitted your entry as a Guest (i.e. without logging in) then you must use the same device/browser you used to create your entry to edit it. This is because Rallly associates your entry to your device via a cookie stored in your browser.
If you are using the same device/browser and still do not see an option to edit your entry then most likely, your cookie has been deleted and it is no longer possible to edit this entry without action from the poll administrator. You can ask the administrator to edit your entry or remove it so that you can submit a new one.
The simplest way to avoid this situation is to log in with your email address before or after submitting your entry. When logging in, all existing entries made on the device will be associated with your email address and you can subsequently log in from any device to edit your entries.
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